Why Vanpool?

Save Money, Real Money

The government subsidizes the cost of the Vanpool to minimize your costs. Vanpools also use 95 Express for free. Saving over $500 per month is not uncommon.

Lower Your Auto Insurance

Since you will be riding to work in the comfort of a late model SUV or minivan, you will be driving your personal car much less. When you’re driving your car less, you may be eligible for a lower-costing auto insurance plan (i.e. recreation-only or pay-as-you-drive policies).

Spend Less On Your Personal Vehicle

Simply put, driving fewer daily miles in your personal vehicle reduces maintenance costs and repairs, while retaining the value of your vehicle. Renewing your vehicle lease soon? you could reduce your miles significantly if you replace your commuting miles by Vanpooling.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Since Vanpoolers normally have standing agreements on the exact time they depart for home in the afternoon, the government will pay for your Uber, Lyft or taxicab ride fare to get you home if an unexpected incident, emergencies or unplanned overtime comes up while you are ate work. Vanpoolers get up to 6 of these guaranteed rides home each year.

The vehicles are also pretty sweet too!

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