The Major Health Benefits Of Biking To Work

The Major Health Benefits Of Biking To Work

The major health benefits of biking to work

Biking to work, whether for the entirety of your commute or just part of the way, can give you several great health benefits. From your physical health to your work place health, these are just some of the areas you can see improvements in when you bike to work:

Calorie burn- Biking is a great form of exercise that many people include in their weekly exercise routines. By adding it in as part of your daily commute you can get those same benefits only doubled. You can burn a great deal of calories each week by biking to work, depending on how far the commute is and the landscape you are traveling. The more hills and uneven ground you cover, the higher the calorie burn.

Weight loss- For those who are would like to shed some pounds, biking as part of the daily commute can be a way to incorporate exercise into the day- to- day routine. You have to get to work so by biking it makes the commute seem less like exercise and more like getting out and getting where you need to be. Bikers can experience great weight loss and obesity control by biking to work, even just a few days each week.

Greater endurance- Depending on the type of bike you ride and the route you travel to and from work, you can really build up your endurance and stamina by bicycling to work. It is best to start small and work your way up. Bike to work and take a cab or carpool home at the end of the day for a while. If you have a long commute try taking a bus part of the way and then biking the rest of the way.

More energy- Studies have shown exercise can boost energy levels throughout the day. Adding biking to your morning commute can help give you the boost of energy you need to make it through the day without that sluggish feeling.

Better mood– Physical activity helps control hormone levels in your brain and body, which can directly impact your mood and feelings throughout the day. Happy moods often follow strenuous activity and biking to work can help put you in that better mood at the start of the day and continue it on for most of the day.

More productive- With the better mood and increased energy levels at work, you will tend to be more productive and alert at work. You can get more done, work more efficiently, and be more focused on your daily responsibilities.