How To Save Money With Commuting

How To Save Money With Commuting

How to Save Money With Commuting

You already know that carpooling and using public transit helps save gas and cuts down on pollution and traffic congestion. But did you know that it can also help you cut down on your commute expenses? South Florida Commuter Services has several great services available that can assist you with all of your commuting needs. Wherever you are in South Florida there are options available for you and organizations that have great programs available for commuters that are designed to help you save money while still being able to get to work to make money.

One such program is an online database that will help connect you with fellow carpoolers in your area. Whether you are looking to save money on your commute to work or to school, you can see who near you is going to the same places you are. Whether you are looking to carpool one day a week or every day, chances are you can connect with someone who can help you cut down on your expenses. The principle used here is simple; the more people in your carpool, the lower your commute expense will be in the long run.

Another way you can save money commuting is to sign up for or enroll in what is coming to be known as the Emergency Ride Home Program. This can help save you money because it offers commuters, who meet certain criteria, free taxi services to and from work. This will help save you money in the event of an illness, or if you have a sudden change in your shift, or if you are asked to stay late and work overtime at the office. The fees that could be involved for taxi services for you and your fellow carpoolers, if you are the driver, would be tremendous. With this service, offered in certain areas of South Florida, there is one less worry you have to carry around with you.

The final way that commuters in South Florida can save a bundle on their commute each day is to take advantage of park and ride locations in the area. You may not be able to get right next to your office or college but you might be able to get within a few blocks or easy walking distance. The advantage here comes from the fact that you are not commuting and then paying for a bus or shuttle. Some parking garages have special discounts for commuters who work in the area such as reduced fees, certain days free, or cheaper flat rates when you pay per month. This is something you could look into as another option to save you, and your carpool party, a little more money