ERH Program Privacy Policy

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By submitting your registration profile, you agree that the information submitted will be entered into the South Florida Commuter Services regional ridesharing database.  The SFCS database is a system that allows participants to find and accept carpooling arrangements and participate in the SFCS Emergency Ride Home (ERH) online voucher system.

If you have agreed to be matched with potential rideshare partners, they will receive your contact information via letter, email, or web page.  Any personal information submitted through the online ridesharing site will be used by SFCS to provide registrants with a list of potential carpool and vanpool partners. They will not receive any information regarding your home information.  Your information will not be provided to any outside firm for any purpose.  If you participate in a rideshare program administered by SFCS in partnership with your employer, your information may be accessed by your worksite administrator.  We may provide personal information about you to your employer or other government authorities where we believe it reasonably necessary.  You also agree that we may contact you for program evaluation and feedback purposes as well as provide you with updates on various regional programs and services that may impact your commute.

Participation in SFCS’ ridesharing service is on an individual voluntary basis.  Participants are completely responsible for the operation of their carpools or vanpools.  South Florida Commuter Services and its partners shall have no responsibility or liability for any claims, expenses, or damages resulting from any individual’s participation in a carpool, vanpool, ERH program, or other rideshare arrangement.  Participants recognize that participation in SFCS’ ridesharing program is strictly voluntary and that such participation does not in any manner imply that you are acting in the course or scope of official company business, nor does it in any manner establish an employer-employee or an agency relationship with SFCS.  You hereby assume full responsibility and all risk which may result from your participation in this program and hereby agree to hold harmless, release, waive, forever discharge and covenant not to sue or bring claims against South Florida Commuter Services, the Florida Department of Transportation, Parsons Brinckerhoff, other governing agencies, their officers, agents, or employees.  You further understand and acknowledge that the program may be changed at any time without notice.  You also understand that for a full listing of SFCS’ privacy policy statement, you can visit Privacy Policy.