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Different Ways to Save by Carpooling

Published September 23rd, 2018 By Sabrina Glenn Saving Money

How much you can save by the mile

You can save both time and money by taking advantage of the carpooling options. Connecting with people who live and work near you can help you get the most out of your day. Mile by mile you can cut down travel times by suing carpool lanes and save money by sharing fuel and travel costs. You can also save some headaches and aggravation by sharing the drive responsibility with others in the group. All in all, you have a lot to gain and a lot to save by carpooling, even just a few days a week.

How much time you’re in your car

Carpools can also help reduce the amount of time you are in the car. Taking advantage of the carpool lanes and routes that may be available in your area can shave major minutes off of your commute. An important factor to consider is whether or not everyone in the carpool group is going to the same place.  Dropping people off along the way may not add much time, but a few minutes for each stop needs to be figured in to ensure everyone gets to work on time.

How much money you save each day

The amount of money you can save by carpooling during your commute depends on a number of factors. If your normal commutes are long then the more you can potentially save by teaming up and carpooling with others. The number of people in your group can also drastically impact the money you can save because a larger group means there are more people splitting the costs.  Even if you are the one doing all or some of the driving during the week, you can still save money because others are chipping in on the gas, maintenance, mileage, and any other fees that have been agreed on by the group.

How much commuting cost per year on average

The actual cost to you for a year of carpooling vs regular commuting depends on a number of factors. For carpooling a lot comes down to how many people are in the group, how you share the costs, and how far you have to go each day. You can take your normal gas and vehicle maintenance expense and divide them by the number of people in the group to get a rough idea of what your savings could be for a year’s worth of commuting and carpooling.