Complete the following registration form to register as a carpool at Bupa Worldwide Corporation and to participate in any or all of the following available incentive programs:

Bupa Carpool Subsidy – Carpool groups that carpool to work at least four days per week are eligible to receive a $50 gas card (per individual) per month. In order to participate in the program, carpool groups must keep an active registration with SFCS. Your carpool registration will be valid for three months. You will receive a renewal notice from SFCS 30 days prior to your carpool expiration date.

Emergency Ride Home Program – You and your carpoolers will automatically be enrolled in the South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program. If email addresses are provided for you or your carpool partners, you will automatically be enrolled in SFCS’ online ERH voucher program.  If you would like to receive SFCS pre-printed vouchers by mail, contact an SFCS Customer Service Representative.


If you would prefer to receive a hard-copy version of this form to complete, please contact SFCS at 1-800-234-RIDE (7433).