ERH Carpool Registration

Commuters carpooling to and from work at least three days a week are eligible for SFCS’ Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.   Please complete the following form to register your carpoolers for the ERH program.  You will need to have the home, work, and contact information for all members of your carpool in order to complete the form below.

Your carpool registration will be valid for six months.  At the end of your registration period, SFCS will send you a Carpool Renewal Form.  You will need to renew your registration in order to remain in the ERH program.

If you are registering for an SFCS sponsored carpool parking program at your company, you should complete your company registration form under the Employer Carpool Programs section to the left.

Registrants will be automatically enrolled in SFCS’ ERH Online Voucher System which allows you the ability to view information on used vouchers, track unused vouchers, and print vouchers directly from your computer. If you would prefer not to participate in the Online Voucher System, please contact an SFCS representative at 1-800-234-RIDE.

If you would prefer to receive a hard-copy version of this form to complete, please contact SFCS at 1-800-234-RIDE (7433).


ERH Carpool Registration