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The South Florida Vanpool Program provides eligible groups of 5-15 commuters with a month- to- month lease of a new van that includes insurance and maintenance.  Miami-Dade County provides a month subsidy of 40% up to $500 of the monthly lease total for all Vanpools that originate or commute to Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach Counties. Vanpooling is ideal for people who commute 15+ miles one way.

  • The cost is based on the miles the van travels each month.
  • The monthly cost is divided among the riders.
  • A member or members of the group qualify to be the vanpool group driver.
  • Most vanpool groups meet at a central location such as a Park & Ride lot.
  • Each vanpool is a month-to-month agreement.
  • Click Here to visit the South Florida Vanpools website or call 1-800-826-7433.

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